Altruist Array T shirts

Altruist Array T shirts


*you don't know until you've walked a mile in their shoes. so before you judge, know that everyone is going through something. and you're no different. and that's ok. because it's ok to not be ok. we all have our shit.

*stop talking about it. stfu and get it done. whether it be motivating yourself to go to the gym. that business you always wanted to start. your bucket list  trip that you've been talking about for years. less talk. less selfies. all it takes is stfu.

all shirts are soft 100% cotton. tear away label. screen printed. slightly shrink in the wash. unisex sized. price includes shipping!

a portion of proceeds from shirt sales will be donated to the North American Mental Illness of Southern Nevada and American Heart Foundation Las Vegas affiliate


altruist array creates dope products to help various causes. our simple aesthetic carries a louder message, both artistically and financially. a portion of every sale goes towards charitable causes. our designs are curated from local artists in las vegas with three specifications: only shades of black and white are allowed. must be designed from a cell phone application. in the time in takes to take a shit (or at least the initial draft). altruist array proves you can do good things at all times...even while taking a shit.

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