3rd Trimester 2019

Start: July 8th

Belt Testing: Week of October 26th

2 Strikes System


Student is sat out on the chairs for a few minutes. They are explained why they are being sat out and they have lost the opportunity to play the game. They can still earn a sticker if they finish the rest of class satisfactorily. Infractions include:

  • Do not talk while Kumus are talking

  • Don’t touch or distract other students

  • Don’t lay down or sit lazily

  • Bullying / calling other students names

  • Practice with your partner and don’t goof around

  • Being too aggressive during contact portions

  • Stay focused if not participating during the contact drills e.g. no laughing, chit chatting on the side, etc.


Student is sat out on chairs for the remainder of class. They may not play, go to the lounge, or leave early. If they are distracting to the students in class, they will be relocated to the far bench by the water cooler. After class they must bow out without receiving a sticker and talk with the Kumu regarding their behavior. Parents may be alerted as well if the infraction is serious enough (another student was hurt, etc.)