Pit Kids Revamp

Dear Parents,

In our continual efforts to always improve our classes, here are changes that we will roll out (and the reasons why):

Pit Kids A & B will be combined into one class again. This is to give greater focus during class, as CrossPIT will NOT be happening simultaneously. It also allows more variety of partners. While we will keep the partners and match ups as close to your child's skill and size as possible...there are some kids in B that would have great partners in A. Only Wednesday has a simultaneous class (Pit Teens) but that hasn't been a distraction. 

To accommodate our growing Pit Pee Wees,  another day will be added. It will be be Tuesday at 5:30pm...and a solo class like Friday as to avoid CrossPIT distractions. CrossPIT will still be simultaneous on Wed and Sat but I will speak with parents individually about the best 2 days to bring their children. 

DRAFT_new schedule_nov 2018 (2).jpg

In addition, we will be rolling out new behavioral standards (focus, actions, control, toughness, sportsmanship....FACTS), impose a 3 strikes class penalty system, and have new Pit Journals for kids to track their progress, earn stamps, and objectively see their skill development and testing readiness. 

All these new changes will be rolled out beginning November 5th

In the meantime we will get thru Belt Testing (the week of Oct 29th) and the current schedule. Stay tuned as belt candidates will be released soon...in addition to gear requirements which you can purchase before testing.

If you have any questions or concerns never hesitate to let me know directly.

Thanks parents and see your kids in class!

kumu eric