The Pit 702 Belt Testing

  • The highlighted spots are the transition points between programs e.g. Pit Kid is a Green Belt (or above)...he maintains his belt in Pit Teens but is ranked as Orange upon his first test as a Pit Teen. Some students may be ranked higher based on various factors but this would be the general standard.

  • Pit Kids A & B have the same belt ranking until they transition up to Pit Teens

  • Pit Teens have the same belt ranking as Adults

  • Pit Teens can only attain Blackbelt once they turn 18 years old and then adult Blackbelt Testing is required

  • The only test for adults is Blackbelt and it will be in a far away location and they will get the stuffing beat out of them :)

In the eight years running The Pit here in Henderson, I am always looking to improve our program. I am not blindly set in tradition. If something works, keep it. If not, change it.

I am all about evolving for the better yet am hardly impulsive. It is based on feedback from students, my kumus, parents, and my observations based on student's skill level, physical fitness, class retention, and attendance. While my changes may fly in the face of the normal Pit testing procedures, after careful thought a major overhaul is in store...but for good reason:

  • Testing will be every four months

  • Only one day of testing

  • No more rest week

  • No more formal testing for adults except for Blackbelt

Testing will occur during the following:

  • Last Week of February

  • Last Week of June

  • Last Week of October

This is for a number of reasons:

  • More time to develop skills

  • Less wasted classes due to the Holidays

  • Attendance should be a bigger priority; otherwise it'll be a four month wait for those who are eligible to test

  • Higher quality of students as there will be no more "make up" week if the student fails during the test

  • Less emphasis on "collecting belts," rather, growing as a martial artist

While there will be no "Test Week" for adults, they will quietly be tested throughout the year. As I observe their improvement on certain skills, I may award them with a Belt during class. Children need more immediate gratification (the reason they will still get stars and structured testing). Whereas adults should be mature enough to focus solely on consistent attendance and improving every class. 

It has been 22 years since I've received my Blackbelt in Isshinryu Karate and 15 years since my Hawaiian Kempo Blackbelt. It was hard for me to feel the excitement of progressing as a martial artist again.

August 2016 I was surprisingly awarded my Bluebelt in 10th Planet Jiu Jitsu from Coach Casey Halstead; with 10th Planet founder Eddie Bravo present as well.

To be one of the first promoted students at 10th Planet Jiu Jitsu Las Vegas was an extreme (and unexpected) honor. I don't think I would've been that excited had I known it was coming. That being said, it is THIS FEELING I want to replicate for my adult students. 

We cover a lot of material so it will be impossible to be fully prepared. That is purposely part of the process; to perform while under duress and not fully confident. 

That way it will be a balance of self aware progression and surprise excitement when Pit Monsters are promoted. At the same time, the core requirements of attitude, attendance, overall fitness, then skill will always be taken into account on the whole. 

While some are averse to change, know that everything above is for the improvement of our program and all students. Some changes may work, some may not, but the only way is to give it a shot and we'll adjust accordingly.

As always, feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns...I may be the Head Instructor, but I welcome and take into account all input, no matter rank.

Keep working hard and thank you for being loyal Pit Monsters.


Kumu eric