Spring CrossPIT Challenge!

You're lagging on your New Year's Resolutions. It's too early for Summer and music festival season for you to REALLY start freaking out about getting in shape. So the CrossPIT Spring Challenge is here to help!

As opposed to weight, muscle %, fat loss, BMI, etc. (which are cosmetic or high subjective) this contest is measuring only two factors that indicate overall health and fitness.

Your waist size and your resting heart rate!

It's simple. 

  1. Start March 6th
  2. Measure your waist size in class 
  3. Measure your resting heart rate via several apps
  4. Attend class as much as you can for 6 weeks
  5. Eat healthy
  6. Participate in various classes and strategies which we'll throw at you along the way
  7. Measure waist and heart rate on/before April 15th
  8. Whoever has the biggest improvements in those categories, wins some cool prizes

We did this before with some pretty good results!    With your entry fee you ALSO get membership into our new YOGA class (that's a $25-$35 just by itself). Improve your health for REAL in a friendly, yet challenging, environment! Now if you so happen to get a nice butt and abs, well, that's just icing :)

Sign up now!

Challenge entry, 6 weeks Unlimited CrossPIT classes, 1 Month Pit Yoga membership, access to any special events/classes during the challenge, and a chance to win some prizes (TBD...but they'll be awesome).