Bring your kids to our summer camp las vegas!

Summer Camp Las Vegas is here!

Get your kid off the couch and iPad! Have them stay active and stimulated in our first ever Pit 702 Kids Summer Camp!

While we teach our kids functional punching, kicking, and grappling techniques, summer camp las vegas will offer some fun aspects of martial arts. Each day will involve different clinics on our Hawaiian Kempo system but may also include some new things, such as tumbling, yoga, or a fun weapons class. 

Some of our Pit Pee Wees and Pit Kids put on a demonstration that showcased all aspects of our Hawaiian Kempo (Mixed Martial Arts) program. Our children must be proficient in several areas: CrossPIT (strength and conditioning) Striking, and Grappling (No gi).

The goal is to keep your kids active during the summer, offering physical and mental stimulation in a fun and educational setting. We hope to enrich your children during our 4 day summer camp las vegas. You are not just paying for an eight hour a day baby sitter!




Register by May 8th

$199 Pit Members (siblings $49 off)
$249 Non Pit Members (siblings $25 off)

Register by May 22nd

$249 Pit Members (siblings $49 off)
$299 Non Pit Members (siblings $25 off)

Register after May 22nd (Closes June 5th)

$299 Pit Members (siblings $49 off)
$349 Non Pit Members (siblings $25 off)

Entry includes: all activity expenses, Pit 702 summer camp las vegas T shirt, and daily snacks/drinks. Participants responsible for bringing their own lunch.

Eric Umali