Learn Mixed Martial Arts

Learn effective punching, kicking, and grappling in a safe and controlled setting! Some gyms have separate classes of various disciplines.


We integrate our techniques so they are sound for both striking (kickboxing, boxing) and grappling (wrestling, jiu jitsu) giving you the full MMA experience!

Our mixed martial arts for classes are designed for those with no / minimal experience to  learn both grappling and striking in an integrated system. 

Men, women, and teenagers of all skill levels can learn mixed martial arts in a safe environment.

Our classes are perfect for those that:

  1. Don't want to get punched in the face

  2. Start learning MMA but don't want to get punched in the face

  3. Want to get in shape with something different...without getting punched in the face

  4. Tried out another gym, got punched in the face, didn't like it, so want to try out another school where we don't punch you in the face

  5. Want to learn self defense techniques and concepts that go beyond knees to the nuts....all without getting punched in the face


Contact us today to set up your trial class. Normally $20 but FREE when you mention “MMAVEGAS”

Call or text (702) 534-1900


Eric Umali