Kumu's Cup 2

Our second Kumu’s Cup will be here November 9th! The Kumu’s Cup acts as our student’s Belt Testing.

Here are your Belt Testing Candidates for the last Trimester of 2019!

Please double check your child’s current rank. If you don’t see their name listed and your child has been training for over 6 months, talk to Kumu eric (he may have accidentally overlooked your child’s eligibility).

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For those that are new to The Pit, you can learn more about our Belt Testing HERE.

The Kumu’s Cup is open to even our adults, as a way to display each student’s skill and challenge themselves in a safe and cost effective environment!


This edition will bring a new twist: no more workout and individual grappling and sparring divisions. Instead the competition will consist of one MMA bout.

Strikes to the body and legs are allowed (anything above the neck is illegal) with all submissions legal. Takedowns and ground and pound to the body are legal. Elbows and knees are illegal.

This allows students to get the full mixed martial arts combat experience but at the same time, keeping things safer by prohibiting any strikes to the head.

Mixed martial arts gloves, shinguards, mouthpiece, and headgear will be required for all competitors. The bout duration will be broken down as such:

Pit Pee Wees - 1 minute rounds x 3

Pit Kids - 2 minute rounds x 3

Teens / Adults - 3 minute rounds x 3

Every round will be separated by a one minute rest period. Students will have a Kumu assigned to them acting as a coach throughout the bout.

Match ups will be revealed day of and paired to an opponent of Kumu Eric’s discretion that takes into account : 1) skill level, 2) weight, 3) age. Meaning, students may not necessarily go against a student in their class.

To win, a student may submit their opponent or have a better display of takedowns, ground control, and/or stand up striking that entails good form, accuracy, and controlled power.

In addition, The Kumu’s Cup has a low entry fee of just $30 ($40 for families of 2+) where a portion of the proceeds will be donated to the Nevada Childhood Cancer Foundation!


This is in stark contract to some tournaments of $90+ entry fees (not including travel) where you may or may not have a fair opponent.

With The Kumu’s Cup, there is no sandbagging as Kumu Eric creates all the match ups and knows each student’s skill level. They also get to practice both striking and grappling, whereas other tournaments are purely one or the other.

All winners will receive trophies. Whoever displays the best skill and heart (such as fighting two opponents at Kumu Eric’s request) will win the overall Grand Championship Kumu’s Cup!

Belt Candidates are required to compete.

Even for those that are not Belt Testing, you are still encouraged to sign up!

Pit Adults entry is FREE (talk to Kumu eric about registering)


Kumu's Cup 2
from 30.00

The belt fee has and always will be $30 per tester or $40 for two or more family members. This includes entry into the Kumu’s Cup 2!

These fees are used for awards, belt costs, and this time around….a portion given to a local charity!.

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