Self Defense in Las Vegas

Self Defense

in Las Vegas

There are several schools that teach self defense in Las Vegas. While self defense starts with situational awareness, we feel self defense should be simple, yet functional.

Simple in that techniques shouldn’t contain more than one or two steps. In a life or death situation, it will be unrealistic to pull off a 6 step defense against a certain attack, especially if you have not been training and drilling the defense into your body mechanics.

Self defense should be functional in that the scenarios taught against should be realistic in nature. You will not learn spinning, jumping, kicks.

Emphasis will be placed on more likely scenarios. How do you prevent a bigger, stronger, man from choking you when he’s in a top position? How do you defend against a big hay maker punch?

We do not have a regular class that is strictly for self defense. Here at The PIt 702, our self defense is ingrained into our Hawaiian Kempo (MMA) class. The only difference being striking surface and area.

For instance, instead of a four punch combination, a more effective strike would be a palm strike to the nose or an eye gouge. When it comes to self defense, there is no such thing as a fair fight. You should do everything in your power to survive.

The Shade Tree provides safe shelter to homeless and abused women and children in crisis and to offer life-changing services promoting stability, dignity, and self-reliance. This past weekend The Pit Vegas' instructors, Kelly Meyers and Eric Umali, led a class to teach basic self defense skills to women and children.

Self Defense in Las Vegas

Self Defense in Las Vegas

If you are interested in self defense classes, you can try one of our Hawaiian Kempo classes. They are tailored for beginner and advanced students alike. We can also organize a self defense seminar, either here at The Pit 702, or your workplace or school. Our Self Defense for Women have always been popular.

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