Ping Pong Madness

Thanks to everyone for supporting our event and Suicide Prevention. Click here for a wrap up!

Ping Pong Madness.png

In our efforts to give back to the community while having a fun time, we introduce a unique event: Ping Pong Madness!

Hosted at The Nerd located on Fremont Street, Ping Pong Madness is a one of a kind table tennis competition, with a huge twist.

Rules_Ping Pong Madness.jpg

Ping Pong Madness takes the solo player, stuffy seriousness of table tennis and livens it up to level the playing field! All proceeds will be donated to the Nevada Coalition for Suicide Prevention!

*You are not required to drink. A pitcher of soda will be substituted for those that are sober :)

You don’t necessarily have to be good, you just have to have a good time..and all for a good cause!

Eric Umali