48 Class Challenge!

Another year another set of resolutions. You're FINALLY going to start going to the gym consistently, eating right, and only having 1 glass of wine a week!

That's cool and all....but motivation fades, life gets in the way, and next thing you know - your amazing plans for 2018 go out the door by February. 

Let us help! The 48 Class Challenge is simple:

  • Attend 16 classes a month for 3 months
  • If you do the minimum, you are entered in a raffle to win prizes
  • If you do more than the 16 class minimum, you get more raffle entries
  • If you do not attend AT LEAST 16 classes a month you are out of the running (Multi-day classes and Hawaiian Kempo count)

These are the 3 prizes you can choose from if you win the raffle!

  1. $200 Venum gift certificate
  2. 20 Prepared healthy meals
  3. A treatment session from Passion Buildz Physical Therapy

Stay motivated and accountable. Get healthy. Win some cool stuff. 

The 48 Class Challenge begins January 15th. Entry is $19 for Pit Members (talk to Jessica to sign up) and new Pit Members can take advantage of our 3 Month Special!