August - September Monthly Wrap Up!

Top Pit Monsters

CrossPIT - Edwin Rivera & Nicole Benson (21)

Hawaiian Kempo - 4 person tie (8)

Pit Kids - Othello Hernandez (14)

Pit Pee Wees - 8 person tie (8)

Full attendance report found HERE

Always RSVP for every class for yourself and/or your child....ESPECIALLY Pit Kids where we are no longer allowing new students into Tuesday's class as we're at max capacity. 

**Reminder: Pit Kids may only attend up to 3x a week**

Don't forget to record your scores; we will be repeating some workouts from months ago so it's a tangible way to see your fitness progress.

See how many classes your friends have been attending and encourage them to go to class with you :)


Monthly Wrap UpEric Umali