The 24 Hour CrossPIT Challenge 2

This is one of the hardest events we have ever thrown. More mentally exhausting than physically...although you will be dead tired as well. Essentially:

  • You're in a team of 4-6
  • You do a workout that takes between 10-15 minutes
  • When you're done you tag your teammate to do the same workout
  • Process continues for 24 hours to see which team can get the most rounds completed

Why? To push yourself out of your comfort zone and realize that you are tougher than you give yourself credit for. Plus you don't have to spend tons of money on an obstacle course race...though those are fun too sometimes. 

  • Yes, it's for 24 hours. 
  • No, there are no showers here...though we do have a hose and it will probably be warm outside...and we will have Quik Kleen Wipes on hand :)
  • Yes you sleep here on the mats.
  • No, no visitors are allowed. 
  • No, we will not reveal the workout beforehand. 
  • Yes we will have a bunch of fun stuff to do that night like games & movies. You won't be bored!
  • Adults only - no kids. If you need a baby sitter we have trusted Pit Monsters who will give you a deal to babysit. Inquire within. 
  • We randomly assign your team day of...unless it's a new friend of The Pit, then we will make an exception and let you guys be on the same team.

Here are some highlight from the first 24 Hour Challenge (even tinafey participated)!

Start 11am Saturday June 24th

end 11am Sunday June 25th

$20 for Pit Monsters, $39 for Pit homies, $10 for Summer Scavengers

Entry gets you food, lodging (HAHHAAH), Commemorative T shirt, bragging rights when you crush it, and for you Summer Scavengers.....40 points!

So fill out the below if you want in and if you want your friends to join, pass along this page! They don't have to be Pit members although they should be in decent shape, not be cry babies, creepers, or have funky body odor.  

**We are only accepting 30 participants max**

Name *
Eric Umali