Summer Scavenger Series Rules

The first day of The Pit 702 Summer Scavenger Series is finally here! Get ready for some indoor and outdoor fun that will get you off the couch, some vitamin D, and quality time with others.  

It's not too late, we'll be accepting Scavengers until May 12th so let us know you want in!

$19 entry fee for Pit Monsters and $199 for new Pit Monsters which also gets you 8 weeks of CrossPIT classes up to 4x a week (save $160)!


If you've read our announcement post, then you'll know that you're competing to earn money for your charity of choice.  The top 3 winners will have a percentage of the pot (50, 30, 20% respectively) donated to a legal non-profit of their choice on their behalf by The Pit 702, so invite your friends!

NOTE:  The pot will include all monies raised through the participants' entry fees, minus expenses.

Challenges & How to Earn Points

The following is the FINAL list of challenges and their point value, superseding anything we've published in the past.  Make sure to follow us on social media for the latest info on the challenges.  As with all things, be responsible and do research before embarking on any of these challenges.  Use common sense and consult professionals as necessary before starting on any of these challenges.  This is meant to be a fun way to engage with others and help out the community, so don't wind up getting hurt!

Participants will be provided with a Summer Scavenger Series bandana for use at music festivals, when holding up trains, and for taking pictures when completing challenges.  It'll be a chance to show your friends what a badass your are, as well as providing us free marketing.  See what we did there?  You'll need to come down to The Pit to get your bandana.  

For every challenge you complete, you'll be required to take a photo featuring yourself and your trusty bandana.  You'll need to upload (or have your friend upload) that photo to one of the social media platforms we're active on (FB, IG, or Twitter), tag us, and use the hashtag #thepit702SSS.  

We'll have our dedicated social media team scouring the Interwebs for your entries and keeping track.

Classes at The Pit 702 (up to 30 points)

For every class you take at The Pit 702 (CrossPIT, Hawaiian Kempo, or its variants) you will be awarded 2 point, for a maximum of 30 points.

24 Hour CrossPIT Challenge (40 points)

If you participate in and complete this year's 24 Hour CrossPIT Challenge, you will earn 40 points.  This takes place on June 24th, will be a sleepover at The Pit 702, and more details will be released closer to date. 

Run for Life (Up to 30 points)

If you participate and complete the Run for Life, you can earn points depending on which event you choose.  Ten points will be awarded for completing the 1 mile walk, 20 points will be awarded if you complete the 5K run, and 30 points will be awarded if you complete the 10K run.  Only the longest completed run will be awarded points.  For example, if you run the 5K and complete the 1 mile walk, you will only get 20 points.

Nelson's Landing (25 points)

You've seen the videos, now do it for yourself.  Cliff jump from Nelson's Landing and get 25 points.  Make sure to read the warning/disclaimer at the beginning of this section so you don't get hurt!

Turtle Head Peak trail (25 points)

Get to the top of this peak in Red Rock and get warded with 30 points, as well as a killer view!

Frenchman Mountain Trail (30 Points)

You can skip leg day at the gym and do this very steep hike for a whopping 30 points.  As with some of the other hikes on this list, there's an amazing view at the top.

Mary Jane Falls (20 points)

For 20 points you can do this Mt. Charleston staple, and escape some of the summer heat.  

Gold Strike Canyon (30 points)

Get to the Colorado River and earn 30 points!

Yoga Classes (up to 12 Points)

Earn 2 points per yoga class taken, preferably at The Pit 702.  Check our Classes page for details and discounted pricing for Pit Monsters.

Fire Wave Trail (10 points)

Don't be a punk and pay the $10 state park fee, then enjoy the beauty in contrast for 10 points)

White Domes Trail (10 points)

While at Valley of Fire State Park, save money and also complete this hike to earn 15 points.

Whitney Mesa Trail (10 points)

Rated "easy" by some, earn an easy 10 points by completing this hike.

Paintballing (10 Points)

Go somewhere that allows paintballing, shoot your friends in the face with paintballs, make enemies, earn 10 points.  Don't shoot anyone in the face.

Historic Railroad Trail (10 points)

Get through all the tunnels and earn 10 points.  Pro tip:  You can take a bike through this trail.  Don't say I never gave you nothing!

Are you still reading this? (0 points)

Just making sure you're paying attention.  You should actually give me points for this.  Several studies have shown that our attention span is getting narrower and narrower.  By making this long post, I'm actually helping you train your ability to focus.'re welcome!

Basketball, sand volleyball, archery, paddle boarding (up to 20 points)

You've reached the end of the descriptions!  Good job.  I combined these because I was running out of smart aleck things to say, and it's getting late (it's 2 AM) and I work at 8 AM.  Anywho, complete each of these activities and earn 5 points for each one up to a maximum of 20 points.


Non Pit Members or those that aren't in the Scavenger Series are welcomed to join you in your Adventures (normal rates apply for Yoga or classes at The Pit 702, etc). Whatever/whomever it takes to keep you motivated, is fine with us...and hopefully they make some new friends in the process!

You can repeat Adventures...although the whole point is to exceed that 70% point value and try different things. So your energy should be better spent accomplishing big ticket items rather than playing basketball six times in a row.

The Adventures listed are what we prescribe although if you come up with something on your own, contact us. If we like it we will add it to the task list! Although, this will not change the total will just give you more options to earn points. We may also add some new Adventures along the way :) 

Stay in Touch

If you are on Facebook, add me as a friend so I can invite you to our Group! If you are not on the Facebook because you got in trouble with your significant other (no judgement) you can always check our website here: / Student Section Page / Summer Scavenger Series.

It's password protected for participants only, who will be able to see a calendar of Adventures, forms to organize trips, and the current Leaderboard. That way you can coordinate amongst yourselves and have some buddies to complete these adventures with!

The Good Stuff

In order to keep us from sending 20% of the pot to NAMBLA (our anti-charity for this event), 60% of all participants will need to earn at least 70% of all possible points.  Make sure you keep each other accountable and get outside, or else we're going to go through with this very horrible thing!  We'll see you all out in Nevada. <insert tree emoji here>