The Pit 702 Summer Scavenger Series

Staying in shape is easier with:

1) a goal

2) variety

3) social reinforcement

4) positive & negative consequences

5) accountability

Your normal weight loss challenge is a snooze fest. The Pit 702 takes pride in designing unique challenges and events to keep you motivated and attending classes consistently. That way you'll be legitimately healthier. If you happen to make some close friends, drop a few pounds, and develop a baby tricep muscle in the process....well that's just icing :)

The first ever The Pit 702 Summer Scavenger Series is an 8 week adventure checklist! There are certain goals and point values. Whoever has the most points at the end of 8 weeks wins.

Here are the challenges:

The Pit 702 Summer Scavenger Series

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The Pit 702 Summer Scavenger Series begins May 8th and ends on July 1st.

$19 entry fee for Pit Monsters and $199 for new Pit Monsters which also gets you 8 weeks of CrossPIT classes up to 4x a week (save $160)!

All entrants receive a Pit 702 bandana, which will be utilized for each challenge completion:



After 8 weeks, the top 3 point earners receive MONEY for a non profit of their choice! The pot is totaled after expenses and must be a legal non profit. The break down is as follows:

1st place - 50% of the pot

2nd place - 30% of the pot

3rd place - 20% of the pot

But there's a catch.

60% of ALL participants must gain at least 70% of all possible points or else NOBODY wins the money and instead....

20% of the pot will be donated to the North American Man Boy Love Association. We are serious. Don't even google that but yes, it is a real thing. This sounds crazy right? Well here's the reasoning:

While this is a competition, everyone will be forced to motivate each other. As if getting in shape, doing fun adventures, bonding with your Pit Ohana, and raising money for your particular good cause, isn't enough.....the threat of benefiting a wretched organization should light a fire under you to always strive to earn points.

It's not impossible....we are realistic and anticipate people will drop out (thus the 40% attrition rate) and 70% of all possible points is a friggin "Grade C" people, c'mon. 

We will be creating a Facebook group for participants to stay engaged and plan their outings. There will be more details about the specific events, procedures of completing the adventures, and such. 

If you, your friends, or family think you possess the cajones/lady cajones for the Pit 702 Summer Scavenger Series, drop us a "I AIN'T SCARED" note to let us know you're interested! It begins May 8th!