Spring CrossPIT Challenge Results!

For 6 Weeks, some Pit Monsters embarked on a mission to 1) decrease their waist size. 2) decrease their resting heart rate. These are two highly objective indicators of better overall health and fitness, as opposed to other factors such as pounds loss, BMI, or workout improvements.

After 6 Weeks, the results are in:

Julia Jang was the double winner with biggest decrease in waist size and resting heart rate! This was accomplished in 6 weeks and entailed 21 CrossPIT classes. Congrats Julia!

Here are some stats:

  • 66% of participants worked out regularly and completed the challenge
  • 8.75" total inches lost
  • 6 beats per minute decreased resting heart rate, was the average of those that completed and recorded their final resting heart rate

Some insights:

  • The biggest challenge was eating, drinking, and life getting in the way of making it to classes. 
  • 6 weeks is a short time to see any improvement in waist loss, especially for those that were already fit.
  • The challenge was undertaken by brand new members who were sedentary as well as seasoned Pit Monsters alike. With consistent classes, it's proven you will get in better shape as the heart doesn't lie (resting heart rate)!

Great job to all participants for staying dedicated for the duration. Stay tuned for the next Challenge!