The Pit 702 at NAGA Vegas Championship 2017

This was the first competition for our new "Pit 702" rebranded Hawaiian Kempo / mixed martial arts school. While we are not strictly a jiu jitsu academy, our Pit Monsters did very well. 

This was the first competition for several and they all performed like true martial artists, win or lose. Several of our Pit Members also train at 10th Planet Jiu Jitsu Las Vegas and owe our fellow school a great deal of gratitude and thanks for the high level no gi jiu jitsu they teach! 

Congrats to all Pit Monsters for getting in there and mixing it up!

Tiffany Hietbrink (2nd)
Julia Palmer (1st)
Hunter Castaneda (3rd)
Jose Razo
Eric Umali (1st)
Diesel Leano (1st)
Nicholas Gordon (2nd)
Elias Blum (2nd)
Lily Foss (2nd)
Jake Russell
Hunter Castaneda (3rd)
Gabriel Candelaria (2nd) 
Joshua Aguinaldo (2nd)