December - January 2017 Wrap Up

Every month we'll be posting a monthly breakdown of attendance and top CrossPIT performers. This will be posted on the 11th spanning from the previous month, day 10,  to current month, day 10. 

These stats are a chance for you to stay motivated by seeing how often you come to class and stack up against your fellow Pit Monsters.

With attendance, we WANT you to come as much as possible and be the top gun! As for the CrossPIT performances, perform to your limit without: sacrificing form, risking injury, or pushing yourself to illness.

We do NOT want you to throw up or blow through the movements just to be "the best." We'd rather have you hit the bag as hard as humanly possibly and have fantastic technique in your lifts, so you'll get proper gains and striking power.

While the statistics are a spirited and objective way to track your progress and how you stack up with your classmates in a loosely competitive we always state, we're not having a daily competition to see who the best at "working out," is. Everyone's goals and fitness levels are different, so you should never feel pressured to always "win." Get healthy and make personal improvements in your own right. That is the key goal of our CrossPIT program. 

Without further adieu:

CrossPIT Performers of the Month

Bradley Bohannon - 3 top finishes

Phyllis Streeter - 2 top finishes

The CrossPIT performances are tallied from the monthly cumulative results of CrossPIT, Strong, and Blitz workout scores, which are indicated by the yellow and pink highlights always found on the "Adult" tab of the Student Section.

Attendance Top Pit Monsters

CrossPIT - Kara Onosaki (16)

Hawaiian Kempo - Fred Collins (8)

Pit Kids - Clayton Hadorn (9)

Pit Pee Wee - Lenard Pelegreen (6)