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The Pit 702 Block Party

Saturday, October 22nd


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Schedule of Events:

11AM - 12PM: Basic Knife Attacks by Brad Freel

Brad Freel was honorably discharged from 2nd Army Ranger Battalion, deployed 4 times to Iraq and Afghanistan, and is currently a private security and weaponry tactics professional. His Instagram page (@sgtandbrad) showcases his training, adventures, and life with his pup, Sergeant.

Join us at this special self defense seminar featuring knife survival skills for the average person.

12:30PM - 1PM: Grand Opening Ceremony

Ribbon cutting, cake, speeches and thank yous.  Yes, we said cake! Need we say more?

1:15PM - 2:30PM: Boxing for MMA by Don House

In the world of professional fighting, Don House is a household name - pun intended.  Known to many as a longtime UFC cut man, House - a former boxer himself - has spent decades as a professional boxing trainer, coaching some of the biggest names in the worlds of boxing and MMA.  

Join The Pit 702 Ohana and Don House for a FREE boxing for MMA seminar!  There may not be a price for admission, but House's knowledge and expertise are priceless.


3:00PM - 4:30PM: Women's Self Defense by The Pit 702 & Casey Halstead

The Pit 702's system of martial arts is Hawaiian Kempo developed by Pit Master John Hackleman as an evolution of Kajukenbo.  Originally developed by martial artists in Hawaii for street defense, Kajukembo incorporates various aspects of the striking and grappling arts.  Hawaiian Kempo further distills these techniques and strategies to make for a effective and efficient martial art that has been proven on the streets, as well as in the octagon.



The 10th Planet system of jiu jitsu is world renowned for its uniqueness and effectiveness.  The Pit 702 is honored to welcome renowned UFC coach, owner of 10th Planet schools in California and Nevada, and friend, Casey Halstead, to lend his expertise for this seminar.

Join The Pit 702 and Coach Casey to learn some of the most simple and effective skills and tactics for street survival.  This valuable seminar doesn't require any previous training, is ideal for women with no prior experience, and is free of cost.

5:00PM - 5:45PM: Bully Defense for Kids by The Pit 702

You'd think that in this day and age of technology and information sharing, bullying would be a thing of the past. Unfortunately, incidences of cyber bullying continue to rise and traditional physical bullying is here to stay. Having the confidence that comes from understanding solid strategies on how to deal with bullies are as essential now, as they've ever been. 

During this seminar, your child will learn how to deal with bullies in a safe environment through simulated scenarios, learn when it's okay to use force to defend themselves, and how to use the school system as their ally in preventing bullying.

6:00pm - 7:00pm: Trick or Treat by Neighbors of The Pit 702

With so many activities for all members of the family throughout the day, why not reward yourselves with an early Halloween celebration. The Pit 702 and neighboring businesses will open their doors for trick or treaters a week early. Even if you don't attend any of the earlier events, bring your kids down for a fun, safe trick or treat experience hosted by The Pit 702 Ohana.  Wrapped, safe candy will be provided by those involved.

7:00pm - 9:00pm: Open House

After the tricks and treats, stick around for our open house.  Feel free to mix and mingle with existing members of The Pit 702 Ohana, while we get ready to go see our brothers from Otherwise playing across the parking lot at Club Madrid, inside Sunset Station.  We'll have food, drinks, and games to get ready before the show.

Also, if you'd like to hit the bags or do some LIGHT rolling, this will be your chance to do so.  Just make sure you fill out a waiver!  See the greenish/blue button on the bottom right of this website for waiver instructions.

9:30pm - 11:00pm: Otherwise: Back to the Roots concert

Join us as we catch an amazing show with members of our Pit 702 Ohana, Otherwise. Enjoy this acoustic set by the guys of Otherwise at Club Madrid, inside Sunset Station.  You can buy your tickets online or at the door.  You won't want to miss it!

11:30pm: Socks and Sounds with Otherwise & Special Guests

After the show, come back to The Pit 702 for an after party with Otherwise including drinks, snacks, and musical performances from some of their friends. Be sure to wear a clean pair of socks so you can lounge on our mats with pillows, blankets, and soft lighting.  This intimate event will allow you to relax with Otherwise, your Pit Ohana, and friends new and old!  This event is donation based, and proceeds will benefit Otherwise's non-profit - Life by Music.