Tracy Hopper is the Student of the Month!

Although she's been training in our CrossPIT program for just over six months, Tracy Hopper has been a Pit mom for over four years. Her son Carson has been training with us since age three, progressing from Pit Pee Wees and now into Pit Kids. 


It took a while but Tracy and her husband Chris finally decided to try out a CrossPIT class. In that time Tracy has gotten into great shape, attends class consistently despite a hectic life as a mom and bartender. She has never been a workout junkie or athlete but that has never deterred this Pit Bull owning, UFC loving, New Jerseyan.

Tracy also won our CrossPIT Summer Challenge where she lost an impressive 4" off her waist in just 6 weeks! We applaud those that display discipline, heart, or the fortitude to handle personal obstacles. 

We know you shy away from the spotlight but too bad....congrats Tracy!