Drop your waist size with CrossPIT!

For the past six weeks, over 30 Pit Monsters participated in our CrossPIT Summer Challenge!

The rules were simple. Measure your waistline. Come to class as often as possible. Eat as healthy as you can. Measure your waistline again. The people who lost the most off their waist....won some money!

Here are the results:

Congrats to our winners!

33" and below division: Susy Ramirez losing 3 inches!

33" and below division: Susy Ramirez losing 3 inches!

33" and above division: Tracy Hopper losing 4 inches!

33" and above division: Tracy Hopper losing 4 inches!

Some stats:

  • 30 total started. 
  • 50% finished by measuring their end waist size. 
  • Of those who finished, 86% maintained or LOST some off their waist. 
  • 19.6 average total classes for the 6 week period for those who lost/maintained their waist.
  • 2.14 classes a week attendance for those that lost/maintained their waist.
  • Challenge took place over two holidays: Memorial Day and 4th of July Weekends. 

Key findings:

Diet is everything. Everyone generally ate healthy (complex carbs, lean proteins, veggies, healthy fats) but the weekends were the biggest challenge. This is Vegas, c'mon. Life is meant to be enjoyed, drink, eat, what you want, forget your almond counting...but with a more focused and tailored meal plan (and weekend discipline) the results would've been a lot better.

Work got in the way...or participants allowed it to. Motivation is high during the first few weeks but just like relationships...the passion fades, you get less excited about that once butterfly stirring person, you make excuses, you get in fights, your text responses become more delayed, you become annoyed when they don't clean the lint trap, but I digress. 

Where do we go from here?

Getting fit is definitely possible with our regular CrossPIT classes. Learning and improving upon our shortcomings (motivation, diet) we will tailor the next CrossPIT Challenge that will no doubt have bigger gains. I'm proud of those who worked hard and saw improvements, even if they were slight. Again, the only measurable factor we took into account was waist size and that's VERY hard to do in 6 weeks (over the course of two holidays). I am sure if we measured the more subjective factors (weight, BMI, muscle/fat %, workout performance, etc) we would've seen improvements across the board. 

Good work everyone! Until the next CrossPIT Challenge. Enjoy a donut (just one...OK two) then get back to class!

For those that are brand new to The Pit, take advantage of our SPECIAL and jump into the CrossPIT classes like these Pit Monsters did!