The Pit World Kumite a huge success

The Pit Ohana came in droves from:

  • The Pit Malibu
  • Academy of Self Defense (San Jose, CA)
  • The Pit Austin
  • Force 5 Training Center (Lancaster, CA)
  • Kajukenbo Arizona (Mesa, AZ)
  • The Pit Vegas

The Pit Master led the charge where over 45 athletes competed in a CrossPit Workout competition as well as MMA sparring.

There were three CrossPit workouts and the fastest cumulative time was declared the winner. Note that none of the workouts were announced prior to the Kumite. Everyone was prepared for anything! If you’d like to try them, here they are:

The Pit World Kumite 2013 – Workout 1

  • 25 sledges (20lb sledge males / 10lb sledge females)
  • 15 box jumps (26″ tire males / 24″ tire females)
  • 25 double unders (50 singles)
  • 100m sprint

x4 | Record time – 15 min time limit

The Pit World Kumite 2013 – Workout 2

  • 4 head kicks + back drop
  • 4 punches + sprawl
  • 4 hooks + shot
  • 10 ground to sky (40lb slam ball for males / 20lb slam ball for females)
  • On Slam Bag (4 knees, 1 slam, 4 hammer blows, 2 burpees over bag)

x10 | Record time – 20 min time limit

The Pit World Kumite 2013 – Workout 3

Pit Blackjack!

  • 20 push ups, 1 squat
  • 19 push ups, 2 squats
  • so on and so forth until you complete…
  • 1 push up, 20 squats

*Record time – 15 min time limit

As if that wasn’t enough, afterwards several competitors fought in some MMA sparring matches!


CrossPit Females

  1. Kari Spronk (The Pit Vegas)
  2. Jennifer Ismar (Academy of Self Defense)
  3. Kelly Meyers (The Pit Vegas)

CrossPit Males (Over 40)

  1. Kelly Corder (KajuAZ)
  2. Bernard Claeys (The Pit Vegas)
  3. Jason Spronk (The Pit Vegas)

CrossPit Males (Under 40)

  1. Nicolas Dean Corder (KajuAZ)
  2. Man On Li (The Pit Malibu)
  3. Nigel Walton (The Pit Vegas)

Advanced Heavyweight Male

W – Solomon DeFrancis (Force 5)

L – Marshall McKenna (The Pit Vegas)

Beginner Lightweight Female

W – Kelly Coyle (The Pit Austin)

L – Kelly Meyers (The Pit Vegas)

Intermediate Lightweight Female

W – Sharine Metzler (The Pit Malibu)

L – Ramona Vasquez (The Pit Austin)

Intermediate Middleweight Male

D – Nick Paladeni (The Pit Vegas)

D – Brian Chan (The Pit Austin)


W – Marcelino Garza (The Pit Austin)

L – Scott Seelinger (The Pit Vegas)

Advanced Lightweight Male

D – Pablo Padilla (The Pit Vegas)

D – Perfecto Igid (Force 5)


D – Carlo Jay Magno (Force 5)

D – Miguelangel Vasquez Gonzalez (The Pit Austin)


W – Luis Casas (The Pit Malibu)

L – Dylan Keith (The Pit Vegas)

Advanced Middleweight Male

W – Ryan Vivion (The Pit Vegas)

L – Dean Braden (Force 5)


W – Demery Windom (Force 5)

L – Man On Li (The Pit Malibu)

The 2013 Ultimate Pit Monster

After  a lengthy analysis over CrossPit workout scores and judging all the skilled and spirited fights, The best overall competitor amongst the very talented field was awarded to The Pit Vegas’ Ryan Vivion!

Congratulations to Ryan and ALL the competitors. Everybody displayed the courage, heart, and spirit that the Pit Ohana is known for. This was the very first year of The Pit World Kumite and it was successful all around. Needless to say, see you all next year for a bigger and better Pit World Kumite!

Kumite, CrossPitJC Rosero