Kids Birthday Parties Las Vegas

Kids birthday parties Las Vegas at The Pit 702 are the most unique and fun birthday party your child will have. This is more than just another boring day at the park. Kids birthday parties Las Vegas are unique experiences where your child will have fun while learning real martial arts!

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$149 for a 1.5 hour birthday party!

Up to 15 kids

Ages 4+

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Kids birthday parties las vegas are always a hit!

“After a disappointing turnout for my son’s birthday party last year, I was determined to make sure that this year’s party was special. I more than succeeded, as the party for my son’s 9th birthday at ‘The Pit’ was a huge hit! My son said that the kids at school are still talking about how much fun that they had learning punch, kick, and moves like the pros do! Now all of the kids want to have their next birthday parties at The Pit!”

Tammi Johnson and Maddox 

Kids birthday parties las vegas are a memorable and unique experience for your child. Here’s why…

  • Learn real mixed martial arts!

  • Kids birthday parties Las Vegas is fun, but also stimulating. Your kids will do more than just play arcade games or swim in a pool of plastic balls.

  • Unique – when was the last time your child had a karate birthday party? They will be the talk of the school when their friends say they played and trained at The Pit 702. This isn’t just another boring Chuck E Cheese birthday.

  • Kids birthday parties Las Vegas allows you flexibility in setting up your party. We can set up a pinata, allow you a cake, food spread, and more. We have a sound system and movie projector for your audio or visual needs!

  • Kids birthday parties Las Vegas is climate controlled! Air conditioning vs the hot summers and heaters in the freezing winter!

The Kids will have a great time at kids birthday parties las vegas

"We would like to thank Eric and all the staff at The Pit for making our son Ozzy’s 9th birthday party a fun and memorable experience. We were looking for something different from the usual and we got that at The Pit. The activities were awesome and kept the kids interested and happy. They were in awe when they got to do some things in the octagon. We received phone calls from every parent saying their kids could not stop talking about what they did, and what they learned. We will definately be spreading the word about The Pit and would recommend to anyone looking for a birthday party to check it out. From our family to the family at The Pit, We thank you for everything.

Sincerely, Rob, Amberly, & Ozzy Zawislak"

Morgan enjoying her cake at kids birthday parties Las Vegas

Morgan enjoying her cake at kids birthday parties Las Vegas


Jo Jo had a great birthday!

“Who knew that you could host birthday parties here! What a hit. We are very limited on birthday options here in Las Vegas so I was thrilled to find the Pit as a party spot. Every year I do my best to find a better than usual place to host my sons parties and this one took the cake. Eric hosted an hour long class with my 6 year old and all his friends, where they did warm ups, racing, tug a war and even sparring. From the words of my son when I asked him if this were one of his best parties, “No! This isn’t one of the best parties it IS THE BEST party” and my little guy is hard to please. There wasn’t a limit on kids or parents and we had plenty of room and time to have a great party. Much appreciated, every kid there wants to have their party at The Pit – he was the talk of his school the next day. I think all kids should have at least one party at The Pit-girls and boys!”

Nancy Wick and Jo Jo (6 years old)

An unforgettable, fun time with kids birthday parties las vegas

Kids birthday parties Las Vegas are suitable for kids between the ages of 4-14. Your child and all their friends will get a martial arts lesson as well as play several physically challenging activities in a private setting in our mixed martial arts school!