Pit Vegas Kids Kumite

The first ever Pit Vegas Kids Kumite took place March 29, 2014 and was a big success! The event was a spirited yet competitive inner school tournament consisting of our Pit Pee Wee and Pit Kids students.

The children competed in three events. A CrossPit workout, an obstacle course, and numerous submission only no-gi grappling matches. There were several medalists in each division but there could only be one grand champion, “The Ultimate Pit Monster.”

All kids did awesome and while not everyone got a medal – we are proud they showed the courage to compete. Thanks to Alex, Scott, Steve, Michael, and all the other volunteers who helped make this a smooth running and positive event. Until the Pit Vegas Kids Kumite 2!

Pit Vegas Kids Kumite results

Pit Vegas Kids Kumite results

KumiteJC Rosero