CrossPit Challenge #3 - Fight Camp, a SUCCESS!

Hit each other in the face, but always Ohana!

For the past 6 weeks participants trained in a “Fight Class” where they learned the fundamental elements to sparring. Keep in mind these are normal people, men and women alike, who’s journey to this point consisted of CrossPit classes. They are not “fighters” but they wanted to challenge themselves by stepping into the cage.

A big thank you to Nick Paladeni, Scott Seelinger, Wyatt Morgan, Kim Robinson, and everyone else who helped out and supported these brave Pit Monsters on a very successful day.

Fighting is not for everyone but this proves that at The Pit you are getting a lot more than just a cardio kickboxing class or losing weight at a globo gym. The Pit is a tight knit family that will help you achieve your goals, no matter what they may be.

That being said, we are always evolving and offering a variety of out of the box ideas to keep all our students motivated. The bar has definitely been raised for CrossPit Challenge #4! Until then, keep training hard!

CrossPitJC Rosero