July Student of the Month – Jimmy Lisnard!

Jimmy has been working out in our CrossPit program for over 10 months. His fitness was always good but now it is off the charts – his bodyweight movements are some of the fastest for our entire school and he is getting stronger with the heavier weights as well.

This southpaw from Canne France always is a great ambassador for The Pit Ohana….he has brought nearly the entire kitchen from his work at Joel Robuchon to workout as well! Jimmy has the fastest mile time for us and soon he will be sparring and punching us in the face. Congrats and here are 3 questions for our Student of the Month!

What is the biggest differences you’ve found in yourself since joining The Pit family?

(in a french accent) My mentality. I am tougher mentally, the workouts are hard but I can finish them. I am tougher and can get through the long days in the kitchen.

What is your favorite workout?

(still in a french accent) Running and box jumps

What is your favorite movie?

Etch (what is Etch?) Etch is the movie with Will Smith! (What? Men in Black? That one movie where he was a bum superhero?) No ETCH! H-I-T-C-H! (Oh Hitch the romantic comedy!) (He has a french accent…it’s adorable if not a bit hard to decipher sometimes)