June Students of the Month!

Gabe came to us with experience from another gym. His technique was already crisp as well as his cardio – but with CrossPit his strength and conditioning have gone even further. He is one of the most well conditioned students at The Pit Vegas – CrossPit and Hawaiian Kempo Belt students alike! He consistently comes to class even if he is the only student and he is developing craftier applications to his already clean striking. He is also an awesome DJ.

Jessie originally was part of our now defunct women’s only class. She is the ONLY girl to have transitioned to our regular CrossPit classes where she hits harder than most of the boys. Despite a hectic work schedule Jessie always makes time for working out – whether it be 6am or 6pm, she leads by example and works hard in silence. In addition, Jessie was also one of the participants of the Girls Can Fight, sparring night, where she displayed great technique and poise in the Octagon. She’s come a long way and we’re proud to have both her and Gabe be a part of The Pit Ohana!