Students of the Month – February 2012!

Kari Spronk is one of our top CrossPit athletes where she religiously attends class 5 times a week! In addition to being able to flip the big tires she has also been a big proponent of The Pit Vegas as well as participating in 5ks, coaching gymnastics, and participating in other outdoorsy events. She is a workout fiend that we are lucky to have…and she pretty much has kipping pull ups!

Damien (being choked) has come a long way in our CrossPit program. His work ethic is unrivaled – even after working long days as a fireman he will still attend class on his days off. Damien’s technique has improved and he is finally roundhouse kicking with some force. He has always been strong for his size and now he no longer wears socks on the mat. Most of Damien’s improvements and success come from his son Liam, who regularly participates in his dad’s class ensuring he does not slack off.