Mental Health Mondays

Being mentally fit is just as (if not more) important than being physically fit. To celebrate Mental Health Awareness Month, we'll be highlighting some common mental health illnesses and tips to help and handle those who may be afflicted. 

Those with mental illnesses aren't just "crazy" people. That's the stigma we should all strive to break. Everybody has their issues. It's OK to not be OK. 



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Anxiety Disorder

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Bipolar Disorder

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TEN Ways to Help Someone With BIPOLAR DISORDER

1. Listen without judging or trying to fix the problem. It can be hard to listen without offering advice, but sometimes being heard is more important than fixing the problem. If this concept is difficult to understand, read this article which explains it in more detail. 

2. Let them know you are available to talk when they need to. It's comforting to know that you are there, even if the person doesn't feel like talking at the moment. 

3. Ask what they need help with. Sometimes what seems like a simple task can be daunting and overwhelming. Offer to help with dishes or dinner to lighten their workload. Or maybe they need helping picking their kids up from school, ask to see what you can help with. 

4. Take them out for coffee, encourage them to do things together out of the house. Sometimes people with bipolar disorder, depression in particular, can isolate themselves. Try to find something they enjoy that you can do together, like getting a bite to eat, going to the movies, or going for a walk outside. 

5. Continue inviting them to do things together. Keep inviting them even if they decline your invitation. Social anxiety or other reasons might keep them from showing up, but they will appreciate being included. 

6. Understand when they need some space or alone time. Sometimes people need some time by themselves, and it doesn't mean they are mad at you. Try not to take it personally and respect their space. 

7. Offer to go to a support group with them. Especially if they have never been to a support group before, they might be nervous about going by themselves. It might be easier to go if they have a trusted friend with them. And even if they don't want you to go with them, they will likely appreciate that you offered. 

8. Reassure them that they are still fully valid participants of society. Let them know that their lives have meaning. The illness does not define them and should not limit them. 

9. Be supportive of their treatment plan. Even if it’s not the same treatment plan you would choose for yourself. 

10. Educate yourself about bipolar disorder. The more you learn, the better you will be able to understand and communicate about it. You are off to a good start by reading this article! Learn more on our website by reading our articles and blogs, or watching our webinar series. We also have a free book called Healthy Living with Bipolar Disorder available here




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Nine Ways to Help Someone With Depression

  1. Be there - simply being present around someone can be very helpful
  2. Small gestures - send a funny meme, offer casual outings, or anything to give them an easy way to hangout...just don't press too hard. 
  3. Don't be judgey - until you've walked in their shoes, it's not your place to tell them how they should feel.
  4. Tough love won't work - they won't just snap out of it.
  5. Don't downplay their pain. 
  6. Avoid trying to fix them - we know you want to help but offer "what can I do?" rather than "you should do this."
  7. Don't compare them to someone else
  8. Learn about depression so you can empathize 




Kids MMA Summer Camp!

Mixed Martial Arts Summer Camp for kids

Have your children stay active this summer with a four day summer camp filled with martial arts and extracurricular activities! Whether your kid is an existing Pit Pee Wee, Pit Kid, or completely brand new to martial arts, our day camp is designed for everyone!

June 11th - June 14th

Ages 5-12

Drop off 8:30am


Pick Up 4:30pm

(or after their normal class)

kids summer camp 2018.jpg

In addition, we will also involve other enriching classes and fun physical activities, giving your children a stimulating, socializing, and fun experience! Here is a small clip of the type of skills our kids develop in our Summer Camp, which we teach in our  normal classes:


Register by May 11th

$199 Pit Members (siblings $49 off)
$249 Non Pit Members (siblings $25 off)

Register by June 4th (Closes June 8th)

$299 Pit Members (siblings $49 off)
$349 Non Pit Members (siblings $25 off)

Entry includes:

  • All activity expenses e.g. painting materials
  • Pit T shirt ($20 value)
  • Daily snacks and drinks
    • Participants responsible for bringing their own lunch
  • 8 hours daily supervision by an adult Pit Instructor and/or Pit Parents
las vegas kids summer camp.jpg

For Women by Women Self Defense

Our number one priority is teaching our students how to be safe in a physical confrontation. We also look to give back, which is why we will be hosting For Women, by Women Self Defense!



This event will include simple, yet effective, techniques and concepts in a safe and friendly setting. In addition, we will be having a demonstration of Damsel in Defense, and a wine mixer! 

The cost is FREE but spots are limited so save yours now! Afterwards, membership discounts, giveaways, and specials will be offered!

For Women by Women Self Defense 

Thursday February 8th

8pm - 9pm 

Name *

48 Class Challenge!

Another year another set of resolutions. You're FINALLY going to start going to the gym consistently, eating right, and only having 1 glass of wine a week!

That's cool and all....but motivation fades, life gets in the way, and next thing you know - your amazing plans for 2018 go out the door by February. 

Let us help! The 48 Class Challenge is simple:

  • Attend 16 classes a month for 3 months
  • If you do the minimum, you are entered in a raffle to win prizes
  • If you do more than the 16 class minimum, you get more raffle entries
  • If you do not attend AT LEAST 16 classes a month you are out of the running (Multi-day classes and Hawaiian Kempo count)

These are the 3 prizes you can choose from if you win the raffle!

  1. $200 Venum gift certificate
  2. 20 Prepared healthy meals
  3. A treatment session from Passion Buildz Physical Therapy

Stay motivated and accountable. Get healthy. Win some cool stuff. 

The 48 Class Challenge begins January 15th. Entry is $19 for Pit Members (talk to Jessica to sign up) and new Pit Members can take advantage of our 3 Month Special!


Come to our Pit Holiday Party!

We always try and help our our community so we are proud to partner with The American Red Cross in hosting a Blood Drive on December 23rd!

In addition, we'll also be having our Pit Holiday party and collecting items for a local homeless shelter!

After 1 October, the blood banks were filled with too many people wanting to donate. This is a perfect opportunity to give back to those in need as we'll have the American Red Cross of Southern Nevada on site with us! Despite the vast amount of people donating after the Route 91 tragedy, their blood banks always need to be refilled so your donations are more than needed. 

 All are welcome to our Holiday Party Blood don't need to be a Pit member!

All are welcome to our Holiday Party Blood don't need to be a Pit member!

Click HERE on our Facebook Events page to let us know you're coming and spread the word to your friends!

August - September Monthly Wrap Up!

Top Pit Monsters

CrossPIT - Edwin Rivera & Nicole Benson (21)

Hawaiian Kempo - 4 person tie (8)

Pit Kids - Othello Hernandez (14)

Pit Pee Wees - 8 person tie (8)

Full attendance report found HERE

Always RSVP for every class for yourself and/or your child....ESPECIALLY Pit Kids where we are no longer allowing new students into Tuesday's class as we're at max capacity. 

**Reminder: Pit Kids may only attend up to 3x a week**

Don't forget to record your scores; we will be repeating some workouts from months ago so it's a tangible way to see your fitness progress.

See how many classes your friends have been attending and encourage them to go to class with you :)


Help the animals displaced by Hurricane Harvey!

Aspen Hill Farm and our one of our Pit Parents are helping raise money and goods for the horses, dogs, and cats displaced by Hurricane Harvey. Here is how you can help...and potential win some great gifts!

Donate to any of the following:

Hurricane Harvey Amazon Wish List

Austin Pets Alive!

Best Friends Organization

Texas Equine Veterinary Association

Email your receipt to, and note which prize you want to put your raffle tickets towards! Every $20 spent = 1 raffle entry.

**They are having their drawing tomorrow, Sunday September 2nd at 5pm PST, so you have time to get in on the action**

The prizes are below:

  • $100 Amazon Gift Card

  • $100 Tack of the Town Gift Card

  • $100 iTunes Gift Card

  • $100 Blesk Photography Gift Certificate

  • $100 Red Rock Equine Gift Certificate

  • 1 Month Pit Kids Membership ($140 value)

  • 1 Month Hawaiian Kempo Membership ($160 value)



July - August Monthly Wrap Up

Top Pit Monsters

CrossPIT - Edwin Rivera (26)

Hawaiian Kempo - Thomas Robert (11)

Pit Kids - Alexandra Frohman, Diesel Leano, Jorien Wong (10)

Pit Pee Wees - Paige Hanson (10)

Full attendance report found HERE. Use your attendance statistics as a means to track your progress and attend classes MORE than last month!

They are also posted on the Bulletin Board on our walls. If you see your homie slacking, motivate them to get to class!

SAFE House's 9th Annual Color Run


We are teaming up with Safe House to help with their charity event during Domestic Violence Awareness Month. 

Click HERE for more details and to spread the word to your friends!

If you'd like to jump on board The Pit 702 Team, fill out the form below and we'll contact you with further registration info!

Name *
If so, please enter their names and 5k or 1 mile

The Pit 702's One Year Spam-tacular Anniversary!

Spam is a Hawaiian Staple and we do Hawaiian Kempo, so this only makes sense.

Come celebrate our 1 Year Anniversary in addition to witnessing our Spam competition! Who will win the Spam Championship Belt??

Spread the word and let us know you're coming on our Facebook Events Page!

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June - July Wrap Up 2017

Top Pit Monsters

CrossPIT - Edwin Rivera (17)

Hawaiian Kempo - Thomas Robert (12)

Pit Kids - Rowan Hanson, Cros Pompa, Jorien Wong (7)

Pit Pee Wees - Alexis, Bryce, Devin Sadowski (9)

As several of the movements are too subjective, we are doing away with the Top CrossPIT Performers. We do encourage you to gauge your progress and record your scores via the Student Section's "Workouts & Lessons" page (inquire within if you don't know the password).

See the full attendance report HERE which is also posted on our walls.




NAMBLA wins :(

6 weeks. 21 participants. Half the field had to get 70% of the intial points through a series of activities. If they all did so, 1st - 3rd top point earners would get money for their charity. If half the field DID NOT get 70% of initial points....20% of pot would be donated to NAMBLA.

Here is the final tally:


3rd Jessica Hanson, 2nd Stephanie Lehr, and 1st Thomas Pyeatt in their respective outdoor poses


Unfortunately, the group failed and the North American Man Boy Love Association will be given an anonymous donation. Though here are some our findings in this first of it's kind event here at The Pit 702:

  • If you have a hospitality job that doesn't afford you the hours to get outdoors on your sporadic days off, you were screwed. 
  • If you didn't become engrained with a close support system of homies pushing you to get these activities done, you were screwed.
  • If you got hurt or were dealing with life (work, kids, job, school), you were screwed. 
  • Using the charity of choice as motivation (and subsequent NAMBLA anti charity) wasn't enough to keep folks on track. 

While the Summer Scavengers did not get the collective outcome of overcoming NAMBLA, here are some positive take aways:

  • Eight people WERE motivated to complete these challenges.
  • People bonded in their adventures and we gained some new Pit Monsters.
  • EVERYONE was fit enough to accomplish these hikes...and at the very least, one class.

So all is not a total loss. We always want to do innovative things here at The Pit 702 and will learn from this first Summer Scavenger Series and improve upon it. Stay tuned for the next challenge!

And no we're not donating to NAMBLA, relax. 

The second ever 24 Hour CrossPIT Challenge is DONE

Congrats to the following Pit Monsters for taking on the physically demanding and mentally grueling 24 Hour CrossPIT Challenge!

 JC Rosero, Simon Anderson, Alonna Kuveke, Pierre Petrel, Jose Razo, Jessica Hanson, Stephanie Lehr, Nicole Benson, Devan Rendon. Fresh and smiling at the start

JC Rosero, Simon Anderson, Alonna Kuveke, Pierre Petrel, Jose Razo, Jessica Hanson, Stephanie Lehr, Nicole Benson, Devan Rendon. Fresh and smiling at the start

Unlike the first 24 Hour CrossPIT Challenge nearly three years ago, in addition to the workout a new element was added...the "...but did you die, die." Every 2 hours, a single six sided die was rolled. The number corresponded to the physical or mental challenge instilled upon EVERYONE no matter the time. Once completed, the current Pit Monster would continue their workout. These were the outcomes of the die:

  1. Run around the Sunset Station parking lot (appx 1/4 mile)
  2. Jump rope for 3 minutes
  3. Listen to Polka music blasted on high for 30 minutes
  4. Open the doors and turn off the AC for 30 minutes
  5. Hold a horse stance and do continuous sprawls in group for 2 minutes (the Pit Wave)
  6. Everyone counts out 10 sit ups to be done together (100)
 Half way in...not as chipper.

Half way in...not as chipper.


As luck would have it, we got every outcome....Polka music, Sunset Station run, AC off, and jump rope twice!

At the end of the 24 Hours the majority of the group completed 15 workout rounds which was approximately 2-2.5 hours of bag work, body weight movement, balance jumps, ninja star throwing, explosive and static medicine ball movements. This was in between bouts of sleep where one was lucky to get a straight hour of rest, if that. 

The 24 Hour CrossPIT Challenge is more a test of mental fortitude in addition to the physical toll it takes on your body. At the end of the 24 hours you can say you accomplished something crazy, out of your comfort zone, and bonded with your Pit Ohana. 

Check out some videos of what went down...and until the CrossPIT Challenge THREE!

The 24 Hour CrossPIT Challenge 2

This is one of the hardest events we have ever thrown. More mentally exhausting than physically...although you will be dead tired as well. Essentially:

  • You're in a team of 4-6
  • You do a workout that takes between 10-15 minutes
  • When you're done you tag your teammate to do the same workout
  • Process continues for 24 hours to see which team can get the most rounds completed

Why? To push yourself out of your comfort zone and realize that you are tougher than you give yourself credit for. Plus you don't have to spend tons of money on an obstacle course race...though those are fun too sometimes. 

  • Yes, it's for 24 hours. 
  • No, there are no showers here...though we do have a hose and it will probably be warm outside...and we will have Quik Kleen Wipes on hand :)
  • Yes you sleep here on the mats.
  • No, no visitors are allowed. 
  • No, we will not reveal the workout beforehand. 
  • Yes we will have a bunch of fun stuff to do that night like games & movies. You won't be bored!
  • Adults only - no kids. If you need a baby sitter we have trusted Pit Monsters who will give you a deal to babysit. Inquire within. 
  • We randomly assign your team day of...unless it's a new friend of The Pit, then we will make an exception and let you guys be on the same team.

Here are some highlight from the first 24 Hour Challenge (even tinafey participated)!

Start 11am Saturday June 24th

end 11am Sunday June 25th

$20 for Pit Monsters, $39 for Pit homies, $10 for Summer Scavengers

Entry gets you food, lodging (HAHHAAH), Commemorative T shirt, bragging rights when you crush it, and for you Summer Scavengers.....40 points!

So fill out the below if you want in and if you want your friends to join, pass along this page! They don't have to be Pit members although they should be in decent shape, not be cry babies, creepers, or have funky body odor.  

**We are only accepting 30 participants max**

Name *

May - June Wrap Up 2017

Monthly Wrap Up

May- June 2017


 Ties: Josh Maron, Brian Pompa, David Lane, Steve Gordon the Cop, Jake Russell, Kevin Dykstra, Shawn Maher

(1 Top finish) 

Ties: Tiffany Hietbrink, Katelyn McDougal, Kerri Alonzo, Jessica Hanson, Nicole Benson, Makayla Maron

(1 Top finish)




1st: Jake Russell (23)

Ties for 2nd:

Kerri Alonzo, Tiffany Hietrbrink, Diana Ibarra,

Katelyn McDougal, Edwin Rivera (14)


Hawaiian Kempo

Tie for 1st: Kevin Guevara & JC Rosero (9)

Pit Kids

1st: Nicholas Gordon (9)

 Pit Pee Wee

1st: Paige Hanson (8)