Weekly Pit Team Memo

happy saturday pit monsters!


school is back in session. let's see how this impacts classes. i anticipate needing assistant kumu's in Pit Kids B again....even Pit Pee Wees on certain days. 


our dead ass classes are 5:30pm pretty much across the board. i am thinking of making 


Wednesdays a CrossPIT Basics month long course again. this is what we did years ago. this would give us the opportunity to get some new people/parents trying class and reducing a time, hopefully making students not miss the other times. 


6:45pm is also dead ass. i may move all times up to 6:30pm, reducing a buffer time to at least get our people out of here earlier. some things to think about to optimize our times so there's not less than 10 people in a class.




NAGA next weekend so lucky me i'll have to go both days :)


if anyone wants to coach let me know so we can get you passes. you know how insane it gets. the following competing, i believe, are:



rukavina, dominic and tristan sommer, paxton, tyler, jj and leonard pelegreen



ayla and sam i am


a couple more weeks of the crosspit challenge. remember - make EVERYONE ON MONDAY do the challenge right AFTER the warm up. the rest of the week is optional at the end of class. we will push for a big tough mudder team (even me now) so hopefully pushing this silly mud run will give people something to keep in shape for. 


have a great weekend and thanks again everybody for all your help !