Weekly Pit Team Memo

happy Saturday Pit Monsters!


as we fly thru summer it seems attendance has been solid save for the pit kids classes...as a lot of them are on vacation. belt testing is right around the corner so i'll have to come up with a make up test somehow as it's not fair to hold a kid back due to summer shenanigans when they've been working hard the previous 4 months. 


I am super proud of the way things have been running both class and biz wise at the pit. while our enrollments can always use work, compared to downtown - we are a well oiled machine. while I am all over the place, the goal still remains - create systems and get biz going downtown, to funnel cash money into the pit and take care of ya'll. that's the easiest way to put it. 




another tricky scheduling week so please let me know if I made any goofs anywhere.


enjoy the weekend and happy fathers day to all you poppa's out there. hope your kids behave and your babies' momma or girlfriends/side chicks, let you drank beer, massage your neck, or just don't get on your nerves in general, or whatever it is you like. 


thank you all!