Weekly Pit Team Memo

good morning pit monsters!

thanks to everyone who helped with the ping pong tournament...and sorry jc for cracking your table :( we raised $250 for the suicide organization but know we can do better on the next one....and will start our own charity (motherfuckers never said thank you ONCE)!

great job to jose's team of josh, carly, tiff and tiff for completing the tough mudder yesterday! also to kumu raymond for getting 2nd out of 100 competitors at his grappling tournament and taking 2 head kicks in the process :)

schedule below:

this friday is the kids halloween party instead of our team meeting, so come out for that. then the following week is belt testing, followed by the new schedule starting nov. 5th.

hopefully this will give us greater control of the youth classes (stay tuned for the entire youth improvement plan) as well as filling up dead ass classes.

if you want our oregon ducks pit sweater, just give jessica $25 or venmo us. don't pay the $40 that the regular people have to :)

have a great rest of weekend and see ya'll in class!


DRAFT_new schedule_nov 2018 (2).jpg