happy egg hunting day! hope your eggs are filled with chocolate and not hard boiled. those are only good for throwing and egg salad sandwiches. 

*i will be out of town thursday afternoon, returning to action tues. please look for your name carefully and let me know asap so i can coordinate the schedule before leaving....forever*



thank you hunter for the awesome video and staff pics. check out our updated website, staff video, and pics! 

for those that missed the photo shoot, we will have to coordinate a time at the pit for hunter to take a picture of you. also - everyone please send me a bio similar  in style to mine, so that i can list you on the website. 

june 29th is belt testing / the kumu's cup! i want you ALL competing. if you are reading this email, that means you :) we can crank through the kids division with everyone helping and then the adult bouts afterwards. let me know if you have any questions or who you'd like to beat the shit out of. your entry is free, of course. unless you lose, then it's double :)

happy sunday and see you in class!


Pit 702_crosspit structure.png

Pit 702_crosspit program.png