good morning pit monsters! hope you are all having a relaxing sunday morning :)

the kumu's cup this saturday! i will be releasing the workout divisions tomorrow. the grappling and sparring will be head to head, single bouts. but the mma workout needs to be separated into 7 divisions, to be somewhat fairer.

if you're available to help referee the kids, please show at 9:30am. i will have a judges meeting with you all then a rules meeting for all the parents and competitors at 9:45am.

bouts NEED to be starting no later than 10:10am at the latest, in order to stay on schedule.


and then we will be closed july 4-6....but the belt ceremony and ufc party will be that saturday night july 6!

this last week will be pretty mellow as i don't want anyone hurt or too sore for the kumu's cup. have a great rest of weekend and see you on the mats!


“All students must learn in a safe environment. If you get frustrated with them and can't accomplish that, it's your fault. Accomplishing this one goal is our main responsibility as teachers."

Your Mother

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