The Pit 702
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We have three main programs:

CrossPIT (mixed martial arts fitness)

Pit Pee Wee and PIt Kids (MMA for kids)

Hawaiian Kempo (MMA)

CrossPIT is great for:

  • Losing weight
  • Getting in great shape without doing any contact
  • Learning fundamental striking on the bags, shields, and mitts
  • Those that have no experience with martial arts
  • Staying fit doing a variety of non competitive workouts
  • Click HERE for a sample of what a CrossPIT class looks like

We have mixed martial arts classes for your children. These classes are ideal for:

  • Teaching your kids discipline, focus, self control, and respect
  • Reinforcing a healthy lifestyle and being fit
  • Learning striking as well as grappling
  • A structured belt system and curriculum
  • Learning how to protect themselves against bullying

They are broken down by age group:

  • Pit Pee Wee = ages 4 to 7
  • Pit Kids B = ages 8-10
  • Pit Kids A = ages 11-13
  • Pit Teens = ages 14-17

Hawaiian Kempo is our mixed martial arts program where students learn more in-depth techniques. It is divided into B (beginners) and A (intermediate/advanced). This program is intended for those with a desire to:

  • Earn a Pit Blackbelt
  • Perform hands on drills
  • Grapple and spar
  • Compete
  • Become a Kumu (instructor)

The CrossPIT Program must be satisfactorily completed (at Head Instructor's discretion) before being invited to Hawaiian Kempo. 

We also have a partnership with 10th Planet Jiu Jitsu Downtown Las Vegas. Click on our Schedule page for more information!



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If you are a current Pit 702 member your membership includes ALL classes at our sister school, 10th Planet Downtown! 

RSVP for Downtown CrossPIT on our own app as usual. 

Upon arrival Downtown, create a separate Zen Planner profile to check into classes on their iPad.