The Pit 702
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We have three main programs:

Mixed Martial Arts Strength & Conditioning (MMA S & C)

(ages 13+)

Pit Pee Wees, Pit Kids, Pit Teens

(ages 4-17)

Hawaiian Kempo

(ages 18+)

The Pit 702 class schedule as of August 2019

The Pit 702 class schedule as of August 2019

Mixed Martial Arts

Strength & Conditioning

  • Lose weight

  • Get in great shape without doing any contact

  • Learn fundamental striking on the bags, shields, and mitts

  • Great for those that have no experience with martial arts

  • Stay fit doing a variety of non competitive workouts

Our Mixed Martial Arts Strength & Conditioning (MMA S & C) program has a weekly rotating curriculum that is comprised of five specific classes below. The schedule rotates on a weekly basis to give you a well rounded base of fitness; allowing you to never stagnate or get bored of the workouts!

The Pit 702’s Mixed Martial Arts Strength & Conditioning Program

The Pit 702’s Mixed Martial Arts Strength & Conditioning Program

Pit Pee Wees & Pit Kids

  • Teaching your kids discipline, focus, self control, and respect

  • Reinforcing a healthy lifestyle and being fit

  • Learning striking as well as grappling

  • A structured belt system and curriculum

  • Learning how to protect themselves against bullying

They are broken down by age group:

  • Pit Pee Wee = ages 4 to 7

  • Pit Kids A & B = ages 8-13

  • Pit Teens = ages 14-17

Striking Basics

This class is designed for the beginner where fundamentals will be emphasized. Correct punching and kicking form will be drilled, giving students the foundation of sound striking technique. There is no contact or workout involved in Striking Basics.

Free Grapple

This is our equivalent of Open Mat where students can informally roll with each other. It is Free to the public and you do not require a membership or drop in fee. In addition, those who are new to jiu jitsu can learn basic techniques from the more advanced students. Or if you want to just work on your technique you can drill. Free Grapple is for everyone (especially women) and you do not need to know jiu jitsu to participate!

Hawaiian Kempo

  • Earn a Pit Black Belt

  • Perform hands on drills where grappling and striking are integrated

  • Grapple and spar

  • Compete

  • Become a Kumu (instructor)

  • For those with no experience, we suggest the following route of programs:

    • MMA S & C (3-6 months)

    • Striking Basics (1-2 months)

    • Free Grapple (1-2 months)

    • Hawaiian Kempo (10-12 months of training before being invited)

      • Those with prior experience in another martial art may join Hawaiian Kempo immediately pending approval from Head Instructor.

We also have a partnership with 10th Planet Jiu Jitsu Downtown Las Vegas. If you are a current Pit 702 member your membership includes ALL classes at 10th Planet Downtown! (the Downtown location, NOT 10th Planet here in Henderson).