At Home MMA With Your Kids

At Home MMA With Your Kids is a video series for parents to instruct their children (ages 4+) in basic mixed martial arts. Skills are designed so that parents can easily teach without having any prior knowledge in martial arts.

At Home MMA With Your Kids was created by Eric Umali, his staff, and students of The Pit 702 in Henderson, NV. Eric and his team of instructors have been teaching mixed martial arts for over eight years, helping hundreds of children (and parents) get healthy by learning legit mixed martial arts.

At Home MMA With Your Kids can be used as a standalone tutorial or for children already enrolled in martial arts academy, to reinforce their skills. It was designed with zero equipment in mind, can be performed in a small area, and at a time of your convenience.

While these lessons are beneficial, we highly encourage all parents to enroll their children in a local martial arts school. There is no substitute for hands on training with other students.

At Home MMA With Your Kids was designed to be informative and fun. The only thing you need to worry about is spending quality time with your children as they develop healthy habits and learn valuable self defense skills!


By participating in At Home MMA With Your Kids, all users assume all risk and absolve The Pit Vegas LLC DBA The Pit 702, all it’s employees and associated parties against any legal reparations due to any harm or injuries as a result of practicing At Home MMA With Your Kids. User proceeds at their own risk.

How to use At Home MMA With Your Kids:

  1. Review the Weekly Lesson Video Tutorial

  2. Perform the Class Guide

  3. Print out the Level Up Chart (below)

  4. Practice the Lesson 1-3 throughout the week, preferably at the same times as to build consistency and good habits

  5. Stamp / circle off each skill when your child demonstrates proficiency

  6. When all skills are completed, put a sticker on the “Passed” box and proceed to the next week

  7. After six weeks your child will have have attained the rank of “White Belt”

Print out the Level Up Chart so you and your kids can keep track of their progress on their 6 week journey to white belt!

Print out the Level Up Chart so you and your kids can keep track of their progress on their 6 week journey to white belt!

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Lesson 1

Lesson 1 Class Guide:

Teach fighting stance

Fighting stance + Footwork Drill: 3 minutes

Teach blocking

Blocking Drill: 3 minutes

Teach jab and straight

Mitt Drill #1: 3 minutes

Teach Front Kick

Mitt Drill #2: 1 minute round 30 second rest X 3

Footwork & Agility Course: 3 minutes to complete the course as many times as possible

Lesson 2

Lesson #2 Class Guide:

Teach sprawl

Mitt Drill #3 - 3 mins

Teach butt scoots

Teach knee walks

Shrimping drill - 3 mins

Steal the Tail - Parent and child get 3x each to steal the tail

Lesson 3

Class Guide Lesson #3

Teach backdrop + technical stand up

Teach hooks

Mitt Drill #4 - 2 rounds of 2 mins each

Sprawl + Spins - 2 rounds of 1 min each

Pummeling - 3 rounds of 1 min each

MMA Memory - 3 rounds, seeing if your child can get to 10 move combination each round

Lesson 4

Lesson #4 Class Guide

Teach roundhouse kick

Mitt Drill #5 - 2 mins x 3 rounds w/ 1 min break between rounds

Teach Underhooks

Teach Single Leg

Back Control Rodeo - Give them 3 tries to stay on for 30 seconds.

Lesson 5

Lesson #5 Class Guide

Teach uppercut

Teach leg check

Mitt Drill #6 - 2 min rounds x 3 with 1 minute rest in between

Teach single leg, lift finish, knee on belly, mount

Play Butt Scoot Tag - parent and child each gets 3x to be the tagger!

Lesson 6

Class Guide Lesson #6

Run in the jungle warm up: 2-3 minutes

Mitt Drill #7 - 2 minutes x 4 rounds with 1 minute rest between rounds

Stay on top: 30 seconds x 4 rounds

Teach rear naked choke mechanics

MMA Combo #1 - teach and practice 10x

Leaky Boat game: 1 minute x 4 rounds

Equipment is not necessary but if you’d like some, here is what we use!

Enjoy these lessons? We’d love to hear from you! Contact us to lend us your thoughts, comments, and if you’d like more At Home MMA With Your Kids!