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The Pit 702 Block Party

Saturday, October 22nd


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Schedule of Events:

11AM - 12PM: Basic Knife Attacks by Brad Freel

Brad Freel was honorably discharged from 2nd Army Ranger Battalion, deployed 4 times to Iraq and Afghanistan, and is currently a private security and weaponry tactics professional. His Instagram page (@sgtandbrad) showcases his training, adventures, and life with his pup, Sergeant.

Join us at this special self defense seminar featuring knife survival skills for the average person.

12:30PM - 1PM: Grand Opening Ceremony

Ribbon cutting, cake, speeches and thank yous.  Yes, we said cake! Need we say more?

1:15PM - 2:30PM: Boxing for MMA by Don House

In the world of professional fighting, Don House is a household name - pun intended.  Known to many as a longtime UFC cut man, House - a former boxer himself - has spent decades as a professional boxing trainer, coaching some of the biggest names in the worlds of boxing and MMA.  

Join The Pit 702 Ohana and Don House for a FREE boxing for MMA seminar!  There may not be a price for admission, but House's knowledge and expertise are priceless.


3:00PM - 4:30PM: Women's Self Defense by The Pit 702 & Casey Halstead

The Pit 702's system of martial arts is Hawaiian Kempo developed by Pit Master John Hackleman as an evolution of Kajukenbo.  Originally developed by martial artists in Hawaii for street defense, Kajukembo incorporates various aspects of the striking and grappling arts.  Hawaiian Kempo further distills these techniques and strategies to make for a effective and efficient martial art that has been proven on the streets, as well as in the octagon.



The 10th Planet system of jiu jitsu is world renowned for its uniqueness and effectiveness.  The Pit 702 is honored to welcome renowned UFC coach, owner of 10th Planet schools in California and Nevada, and friend, Casey Halstead, to lend his expertise for this seminar.

Join The Pit 702 and Coach Casey to learn some of the most simple and effective skills and tactics for street survival.  This valuable seminar doesn't require any previous training, is ideal for women with no prior experience, and is free of cost.

5:00PM - 5:45PM: Bully Defense for Kids by The Pit 702

You'd think that in this day and age of technology and information sharing, bullying would be a thing of the past. Unfortunately, incidences of cyber bullying continue to rise and traditional physical bullying is here to stay. Having the confidence that comes from understanding solid strategies on how to deal with bullies are as essential now, as they've ever been. 

During this seminar, your child will learn how to deal with bullies in a safe environment through simulated scenarios, learn when it's okay to use force to defend themselves, and how to use the school system as their ally in preventing bullying.

6:00pm - 7:00pm: Trick or Treat by Neighbors of The Pit 702

With so many activities for all members of the family throughout the day, why not reward yourselves with an early Halloween celebration. The Pit 702 and neighboring businesses will open their doors for trick or treaters a week early. Even if you don't attend any of the earlier events, bring your kids down for a fun, safe trick or treat experience hosted by The Pit 702 Ohana.  Wrapped, safe candy will be provided by those involved.

7:00pm - 9:00pm: Open House

After the tricks and treats, stick around for our open house.  Feel free to mix and mingle with existing members of The Pit 702 Ohana, while we get ready to go see our brothers from Otherwise playing across the parking lot at Club Madrid, inside Sunset Station.  We'll have food, drinks, and games to get ready before the show.

Also, if you'd like to hit the bags or do some LIGHT rolling, this will be your chance to do so.  Just make sure you fill out a waiver!  See the greenish/blue button on the bottom right of this website for waiver instructions.

9:30pm - 11:00pm: Otherwise: Back to the Roots concert

Join us as we catch an amazing show with members of our Pit 702 Ohana, Otherwise. Enjoy this acoustic set by the guys of Otherwise at Club Madrid, inside Sunset Station.  You can buy your tickets online or at the door.  You won't want to miss it!

11:30pm: Socks and Sounds with Otherwise & Special Guests

After the show, come back to The Pit 702 for an after party with Otherwise including drinks, snacks, and musical performances from some of their friends. Be sure to wear a clean pair of socks so you can lounge on our mats with pillows, blankets, and soft lighting.  This intimate event will allow you to relax with Otherwise, your Pit Ohana, and friends new and old!  This event is donation based, and proceeds will benefit Otherwise's non-profit - Life by Music.


Brody Wakefield is the Student of the Month!


Brody has been training for over 2 years in our Pit Pee Wee program. With an abundance of energy, sometimes Brody would over exert himself and end up having tantrums outside of class.

During his time in Pit Pee Wees the tantrums are no longer a daily occurrence. His focus and technique has improved and he leads by example. He even placed as a top finisher in our Pit Kids Kumite in the past!

Keep up the hard work Brody and we're excited to see you grow into a Pit Kid.

Video Credit: Jake Russell

Tracy Hopper is the Student of the Month!

Although she's been training in our CrossPIT program for just over six months, Tracy Hopper has been a Pit mom for over four years. Her son Carson has been training with us since age three, progressing from Pit Pee Wees and now into Pit Kids. 


It took a while but Tracy and her husband Chris finally decided to try out a CrossPIT class. In that time Tracy has gotten into great shape, attends class consistently despite a hectic life as a mom and bartender. She has never been a workout junkie or athlete but that has never deterred this Pit Bull owning, UFC loving, New Jerseyan.

Tracy also won our CrossPIT Summer Challenge where she lost an impressive 4" off her waist in just 6 weeks! We applaud those that display discipline, heart, or the fortitude to handle personal obstacles. 

We know you shy away from the spotlight but too bad....congrats Tracy!

Drop your waist size with CrossPIT!

For the past six weeks, over 30 Pit Monsters participated in our CrossPIT Summer Challenge!

The rules were simple. Measure your waistline. Come to class as often as possible. Eat as healthy as you can. Measure your waistline again. The people who lost the most off their waist....won some money!

Here are the results:

Congrats to our winners!

33" and below division: Susy Ramirez losing 3 inches!

33" and below division: Susy Ramirez losing 3 inches!

33" and above division: Tracy Hopper losing 4 inches!

33" and above division: Tracy Hopper losing 4 inches!

Some stats:

  • 30 total started. 
  • 50% finished by measuring their end waist size. 
  • Of those who finished, 86% maintained or LOST some off their waist. 
  • 19.6 average total classes for the 6 week period for those who lost/maintained their waist.
  • 2.14 classes a week attendance for those that lost/maintained their waist.
  • Challenge took place over two holidays: Memorial Day and 4th of July Weekends. 

Key findings:

Diet is everything. Everyone generally ate healthy (complex carbs, lean proteins, veggies, healthy fats) but the weekends were the biggest challenge. This is Vegas, c'mon. Life is meant to be enjoyed, drink, eat, what you want, forget your almond counting...but with a more focused and tailored meal plan (and weekend discipline) the results would've been a lot better.

Work got in the way...or participants allowed it to. Motivation is high during the first few weeks but just like relationships...the passion fades, you get less excited about that once butterfly stirring person, you make excuses, you get in fights, your text responses become more delayed, you become annoyed when they don't clean the lint trap, but I digress. 

Where do we go from here?

Getting fit is definitely possible with our regular CrossPIT classes. Learning and improving upon our shortcomings (motivation, diet) we will tailor the next CrossPIT Challenge that will no doubt have bigger gains. I'm proud of those who worked hard and saw improvements, even if they were slight. Again, the only measurable factor we took into account was waist size and that's VERY hard to do in 6 weeks (over the course of two holidays). I am sure if we measured the more subjective factors (weight, BMI, muscle/fat %, workout performance, etc) we would've seen improvements across the board. 

Good work everyone! Until the next CrossPIT Challenge. Enjoy a donut (just one...OK two) then get back to class!

For those that are brand new to The Pit, take advantage of our SPECIAL and jump into the CrossPIT classes like these Pit Monsters did!




The Pit 702

After nearly six years, The Pit Vegas will be put to rest, and in it's place will be The Pit 702!

New name, new look, new owners, new location.

Same classes, same lessons, same instructors, same Ohana.

Life is Beautiful 2014. The genesis of our hijinx, friendship, and now business partnership. 

Life is Beautiful 2014. The genesis of our hijinx, friendship, and now business partnership. 

Our founder and Pit Vegas owner, John Hackleman, has trusted Eric with running all aspects of his school. Now he's trusting Eric and JC as owners of The Pit 702.

JC Rosero came to The Pit Vegas about 2.5 years ago through a Groupon promotion that is no longer offered and only yielded two sign ups.  Little did we know that JC would progress from a nervous CrossPIT student, to a great friend, current Pit Purple Belt, and now owner of The Pit 702.  While he'll still work his day job as a Senior Systems Administrator at UNLV, you can be sure to find him running ship during our busy evening hours. 

Eric will continue with overseeing the martial arts, but now has JC to help with the operational needs.   

We are quickly approaching opening our doors and there's a ton of work to be done, but here are some of the highlights:

  1. Start demolition at the new location located at 565 Marks St. 
  2. Schedule equipment move and preparation of new location
  3. Clean out current facility, including storing, selling, and moving equipment not going to Marks St. 
  4. Adjust class times to better serve our Ohana and make the most effective use of the new space
  5. Tentatively start of classes in early or mid August
  6. Schedule The Pit 702 Grand Opening

More details will be given as they arise, but there you have it...The Pit Ohana will continue to have a place to call home in Southern Nevada for at least 5 more years! Who will be the first Pit Blackbelt under Eric Umali?

Spread the word to your friends, family, co-workers, mortal enemies, etc. by clicking the share button below. The Pit 702 will be offering Loyalty and New Member Specials soon so that we can watch our Ohana grow so stay tuned!

In the meantime, if you have any questions, comments, concerns, or just want to say hi to the newest Pit owners, find them in class or you can always drop them a note!

Kids Birthday Parties in Las Vegas

Kids birthday parties at the Pit Vegas are the most unique and fun birthday party your child will have. This is more than just another boring day at the park. Kids birthday parties The Pit Vegas are unique experiences where your child will have fun while learning real martial arts!

Our parties are always a hit!

“After a disappointing turnout for my son’s birthday party last year, I was determined to make sure that this year’s party was special.  I more than succeeded, as the party for my son’s 9th birthday at ‘The Pit’ was a huge hit!  My son said that the kids at school are still talking about how much fun that they had learning punch, kick, and moves like the pros do!  Now all of the kids want to have their next birthday parties at The Pit!”

Tammi Johnson and Maddox 

Kids birthday parties at The Pit Vegas are a memorable and unique experience for your child. Here’s why…

  • Learn real martial arts just like we teach at the famous Pit headquarters in California.
  • Kids birthday parties at The Pit Vegas are fun, but also stimulating. Your kids will do more than just play arcade games or swim in a pool of plastic balls.
  • Unique – when was the last time your child had a karate birthday party? They will be the talk of the school when their friends say they played and trained at The Pit Vegas, complete with a UFC sized octagon! This isn’t just another boring Chuck E Cheese birthday.
  • Kids birthday parties at The Pit Vegas allow you flexibility in setting up your party. We have space for a bounce house, pinata, cake, food spread, and more. We have a sound system for your audio needs.
  • Everything is indoors. Your child's birthday party will be kept cool with our powerful swamp coolers or warm with our industrial heaters.

The Kids will have a great time

"We would like to thank Eric and all the staff at The Pit for making our son Ozzy’s 9th birthday party a fun and memorable experience. We were looking for something different from the usual and we got that at The Pit. The activities were awesome and kept the kids interested and happy. They were in awe when they got to do some things in the octagon. We received phone calls from every parent saying their kids could not stop talking about what they did, and what they learned. We will definately be spreading the word about The Pit and would recommend to anyone looking for a birthday party to check it out. From our family to the family at The Pit, We thank you for everything.
Sincerely,  Rob, Amberly, & Ozzy Zawislak"


Jo Jo had a great birthday!

“Who knew that you could host birthday parties here! What a hit. We are very limited on birthday options here in Las Vegas so I was thrilled to find the Pit as a party spot. Every year I do my best to find a better than usual place to host my sons parties and this one took the cake. Eric hosted an hour long class with my 6 year old and all his friends, where they did warm ups, racing, tug a war and even sparring. From the words of my son when I asked him if this were one of his best parties, “No! This isn’t one of the best parties it IS THE BEST party” and my little guy is hard to please. There wasn’t a limit on kids or parents and we had plenty of room and time to have a great party. Much appreciated, every kid there wants to have their party at The Pit – he was the talk of his school the next day. I think all kids should have at least one party at The Pit-girls and boys!” 

Nancy Wick and Jo Jo (6 years old)

An unforgettable, fun time for your child's birthday party

Kids birthday parties at the Pit Vegas are suitable for kids between the ages of 4-13. Your child and all their friends will get a martial arts lesson as well as play several physically challenging and fun games all around our matted, 12,000 square foot facility!


Julia Palmer is the Student of the Month!

Julia Palmer has been training at The Pit Vegas for almost a year. She began in our CrossPit program where she gained a lot of technique and improved her strength and conditioning.

Always wanting to learn more, Julia transitioned to our Hawaiian Kempo classes where she most recently earned her Orange Belt. Julia always comes to class with a positive and helpful attitude. Julia works as a hair stylist but when she’s not clipping hair she’s working to improve, grow, and compete. Thank you Julia for your hard work!

Paxton Shafer is the Student of the Month!

Paxton Shafer has been training in our Pit Pee Wee program and recently earned his Yellow Belt! Paxton is one of the fittest kids in class, has great coordination, and grappling skills for a six year old.

Most importantly, Paxton is always well behaved and leads by example. Congrats Paxton we’re looking forward to watching you grow as a Pit Monster! Newly minted Yellow Belt AND Student of the Month? Dad, maybe he deserves that Christmas present!

Kevin Dykstra is The Student of the Month!

Kevin Dykstra is the SECOND student to ever join The Pit Vegas! He signed up before our school was even open, almost four years ago, and has been training with us ever since.

With a full time job, a family (that includes a new baby), and overcoming a couple injuries that set him back months, making it to classes regularly always posed a challenge. Yet Kevin could always make it to class somehow, sometime, and he never quit.

Kevin has gotten into great shape, finally earned his purple belt after years of training and NEVER complaining, and now has his wife working out as well in our CrossPit classes. Kevin is a fantastic training partner, possessing great technique and control when he could be steamrolling people with his size. He is a true martial artists and we are proud to have him represent The Pit Ohana!

Brian Pompa is The Student of the Month!

Brian Pompa has been with the Pit Vegas for nearly our entire 3.5 year existence. He actually contacted us about our Pit Kids program before we even had an octagon set up. Nearly a year later he signed up his son Gage – who progressed from our Pee Wee class into Pit Kids where he became a Student of the Month himself!

Brian finally started doing CrossPIT over a year ago and has moved up into our Hawaiian Kempo class where he is on his way to yellow belt. Brian, Gage, and now his youngest son Cross all train with us now!

He is a huge guy but is a great partner to work with when he could be smashing people with his size. Brian embodies what The Pit is all about: hardwork, heart, selflessness, and Ohana. Congrats Brian!

Moriah Duvall is The Student of the Month!

Moriah has been training with us for about six months. She has great attendance and is always well behaved during class. She’s also an honor student and will one day be the President of the United States of America…whether she likes it or not.

In addition to showing great technique and maturity for a nine year old, Moriah is a second degree yellow belt and one of the few Pit Kids invited to sparring night.

Congrats to Moriah and when you are the President of the United States of America always remember the little people here at The Pit Vegas.

Pit Vegas Kids Kumite

The first ever Pit Vegas Kids Kumite took place March 29, 2014 and was a big success! The event was a spirited yet competitive inner school tournament consisting of our Pit Pee Wee and Pit Kids students.

The children competed in three events. A CrossPit workout, an obstacle course, and numerous submission only no-gi grappling matches. There were several medalists in each division but there could only be one grand champion, “The Ultimate Pit Monster.”

All kids did awesome and while not everyone got a medal – we are proud they showed the courage to compete. Thanks to Alex, Scott, Steve, Michael, and all the other volunteers who helped make this a smooth running and positive event. Until the Pit Vegas Kids Kumite 2!

Pit Vegas Kids Kumite results

Pit Vegas Kids Kumite results

Alberto Gomez is The Student of the Month!

Alberto has come a long way in just over 6 months of training with us. He placed 2nd in our CrossPit Challenge, competed in our Stun Run and Gun, comes to CrossPit classes, Pit Jitsu, sparring, and Hawaiian Kempo…where he recently was awarded his yellow belt.

When he’s not putting in time at The Pit Vegas, Alberto works, DJ’s, and supports his family…where his two beautiful twin daughters Vanessa and Giselle (whom Kumu Eric can NEVER tell apart) are in Pit Pee Wee and got their yellow belts also!

Congrats to Alberto and his insane work ethic. Now keep those little girls single FOREVER!

Catherine Ramos is the Student of the Month!

Catherine has been training in our CrossPIT program for nearly half a year. In that time she’s gone down over 2.5 pant sizes. In addition – she recently placed 10th out of 40 in our CrossPit Challenge losing over 7lbs and dropping 2% body fat!

The most impressive thing is that Catherine has multiple sclerosis yet still finds the strength and determination to take control of her health and not use MS as a crutch. She also works full time and is the mother of a rambunctious 2 year old son.

Those are a lot of excuses to NOT workout – yet Catherine can be found in class 4-5 times a week, getting healthier and improving her life.

Thanks for being a shining example of what a dedicated PIT MONSTER should be!

Pit Yoga vs. Breast Cancer a success!

Pit Yoga is not your slow, boring, new age hippie yoga. Pit Yoga is a low impact, but challenging, workout that will help with your flexibility and strength building. It is great for those that are seasoned at Yoga or beginners who have never taken a Yoga class in their life!

The Pit Vegas recently did a Pit Yoga workout led by our fantastic Kelly Meyers to benefit Susan G. Komen® of Southern Nevada in their fight against breast cancer.

The Pit’s version of Yoga is fun, challenging, and can be done by anyone. Thanks again for a great class by Kelly in reminding us to be thankful for our health and to help those in need.

Jeremy Taylor – September 2013 Student of the Month!

Jeremy Taylor has been training in our Hawaiian Kempo program for just over 2 years. While he was recently awarded his purple belt, he should be of higher rank. Being a single father who works full time, getting to class wasn’t always the easiest thing.

Despite all the excuses that life could throw at you, Jeremy never quit and has been coming regularly to all classes. He also helps teach our Pit Kids as well as having his son Degan train too now!

Jeremy is a great example of working hard and never letting excuses get in the way of your goals. He also has great take down defense…and can fix any car.

Josie Blackwell – Student of the Month July 2013

Josie has been training with us for just over a year. She is an active softball player at Basic High School but when she’s not hitting home runs and stealing bases, she’s one of the only girls kicking butt in our Pit Kids class.

She’ll be testing soon for her Orange Belt and even when she can’t make Pit Kids she’s working out with the adults in CrossPit! She drives herself to class and consistently has been coming 4-5 days a week when most kids are at home being lazy during the summer. It is that dedication that we can all take away from Josie.

Unfortunately she will not be fighting Chris Weidman anytime soon….with or without nunchucks.

The Pit Vegas teaches self defense to The Shade Tree

The Shade Tree provides safe shelter to homeless and abused women and children in crisis and to offer life-changing services promoting stability, dignity, and self-reliance.

This past weekend The Pit Vegas’ instructor Kelly Meyers led a class to teach basic self defense skills to women and children.

The goal of this class was not just to teach life saving skills (that the participants would hopefully never have to use) but to empower and build self confidence. It doesn’t matter if you’re training for a professional fight, struggling to find a job, or just getting through a tough day; it’s your personal fortitude which will help you persevere. Hopefully The Pit Vegas helped each participant find a little bit of that.


Thanks again to Kelly Meyers, Julianna, and Cara for donating your time and setting up a great event for a great cause.